Speedy Seeder Seed List


When ordering a Speedy Seeder plate, please provide us with the following information:
(1) Speedy Seeder model the plate is for (10/20 or 13/26)
(2) The Manufacturer of the flats you will be seeding
(3) The number of cells per flat you will be seeding
(4) The Alpha letter from the above list
(5) Please note whether you are using raw or pelleted seeds
**Pelleted seeds have a coating which are bigger than raw seed**
Please double check each item of your order.  We custom drill each customer's order 
as they are received.          
Plates that have been correctly drilled per customer specifications, but were
 incorrectly ordered by the customer  are considered property of that
customer with no refunds.        
Plate alphabet diameters (hole sizes) are not all inclusive.  These diameters have been
determined by samples provided by our customers.    
Please allow for seed size variations, or provide seed samples prior to drilling.

This is the only way we can guarantee your plate for seed size.


“B” Plate   “E” Plate   “J” Plate
Bird of Paradise   Broccoli   Arugula
Four O’ Clock   Cabbage   Cauliflower (10% dbls)
Neanthebells Palm   Cauliflower   Celeriac/Celery Root (Brilliant)
Nephhthytis   Chinese Lanterns   Chrysantheum
Podocarpus   Cooper   Dahlia
Pumpkins   Durango   Dill-Fern Leaf
Squash   Eggplant   Echinacea
SunBright Sunflower (striped)   Englehan   Gomphrena ( Strawberry field)
Teddy Bear Sunflower (dark)   Kohlrabi   Hollyhock
Tillia Americana   Kale Curly Roja   Impatients
White Dogwood   Onion: Rossa Di Milano 538   Marigolds 
    Collards   Latifola
“C” Plate   Dusty Miller   Parsley (Plain Italian & Culina)
Acer Saccharum   Impatiens   Yellow Peppers
Artichoke   Marigold   Sweet William
Balsam   Moss Rose   Viola
Cantelope   Petunia   Zoysia Grass
Chinese dogwood   Lettuce    
Coriander/Cilantro   Snaps   “K” Plate
Corn   Tobacco Peleted   Alyssum (singles)
Cucumber (2/3 per hole)   Sweet Mild Yellow   Arabis
Fertilizer   WallaWalla Overwinter   Blue Fescue (10% dbls)
Magnolia Grandiflora   Spinach   Catnip
Melons   Pelleted:   Cerastium
Morning Glory   Pelleted Ageratum   Chalcedonica
Okra   Pelleted Begonia (Sweetheart)   Coleus
Plumosa   Pelleted Brussels Sprouts   Columbine
Spregerii   Pelleted Celery   Dianthus
Sweet Pea   Pelleted Coleus   Delphinium
Squash   Pelleted Jalapeno (10% dbls)   Digitalis
Swiss Chard       Dusty Miller
Tillia Cordata   “F” Plate   Fountain Greass
Viburnum Demtatum (dbls)   Jalapeno (10% dbls)   Gaillardia
Watermelon       Godetia
Zucchini   “G” Plate   Impatiens (singles)
**Pelleted:**   Amaranthus   Lavender
Pelleted Lettuce   Anise   Lettuce:
Pelleted Onion   Basil   GreenBibb “ButterCrunch” Lettuce
Pelleted Peppers   Bell Pepper (raw)   Green Oakleaf Lettuce
Pelleted Sage   Blue Spruce   MapleLeaf “Brunia” Lettuce
Pelleted Sunrise Tomatoes   Carraway         RedButterhead/Boston Lettuce
Pelleted Tomatoes   Candytuft (Fairy Mix)   Red Leaf, Grnd Rapids-“Red Sails” Lettuce
    Chinese Cabbage/Nappa   Red Summer Crisp “Sierra” Lettuce
“D” Plate   Iberia   Lychnis
Abricolia   Kale Wild Red Ruso Siberian   Ornamental Peppers
Alyssum (pelleted)   Parsley   Oriental Poppy
Aromatica   Sweet Fennel   Pansy
Austrian Pine       Pak Choy
Brussels Sprouts   “H” Plate   Potatoes
Burnet-Salad   Batchelors Buttons (Polka Dot)   Rudbeckia (Goldstrum 40% dbls)
Cantelope (singulates better)   Green Peppers   Statice
Cissus   Boynton   Pelleted:
Cleome   Enterprise   Petunia (Pet-pel Fantasy Salmon)
Coreopsis   Heliopsis   Shasta – Alaska
Coriander   Larkspur   Snap Dragons
Cosmos   Rosemary   Sunny Tomatoes
Cucumber (coated)   Shasta Daisy   Sweet Marjoram (dbls)
Cyclamen   Silver Princess   Thyme
Dahlia (15% dbls)       Walliflower (20% dbls)
Dracaena (Spikes)   “I” Plate   Statice (Dumosa)
Delphinium   Ampanula   Tomatoes
Dimorphotheca   Anemone    
Forget-Me-Nots   Anthemis   “L” Plate
Garlic   Arabis   Achnitum
Chives   Asters   Achillea
Geranium (30% dbls)   Basil (Lemon)   Ageratum
Gerbera   Bellis   Arugula (D&T)
Hypoestes   Bells of Ireland (10% dbls)   Azalea
Iberis   Blue Flax   Campanula
Japanese Maples   Calendula   Cerise Queen
Hybrid Kale Starbor   Carnations   Eucalyptus
Lilac   Celery   Foxglove
Linaria   Celosia   Impatiens (Blitz/dbls)
Melons (singulated)   Chives   Lettuce:
Phlox   Colossea   Red Romaine/COS Lettuce
Ponderosa Pine   Columbine   Rosalita/MTO Lettuce
Primula   Daisy   Iceberg “Trinity” (dbls) Lettuce
Ranuncules   Eurphorbis (Polychroma)   Lobelia (Cluster)
Rhus   Geranium (seed)   Moss Rose/Portulaca
Rudbeckia (Puppurea)   Ground Cherry   Nicotiana
Sage   Gysophilia   Oregano
Salvia   Hemlock   Pampas Grass
Scabiosa   Lady’s Daisy   Petunia
Schefflera   Lemon Balm   Pieris
Solanum   Linum   Purslane (D&T)
Stocks   Marigold (raw/dbls)   Saltwort (D&T)
Tomatoes (30% dbls)   Ajisduke Red Peper   Spermint
Tree Tomatoes/Tamarillo   Pimenta Orange Pepper   Tobacco (raw)
Watermelon (1 large or 2 sm)   Tomatoes (Pik-Red & Rite 5% dbls)   Veronica
Zinnia (15% Dbls)   Tomatoes (raw)   Watercrest (D&T)
    Vinca   “M” Plate
    Viola   Celery “Green Giant” (dbls)
        Tobacco (raw)